Charles H. Bronson, Commissioner

2007 Farm to Fuel® Summit
July 18-20 " St. Petersburg Florida
Marriott Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club

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The 2007 Farm to Fuel® Summit in St. Petersburg attracted more than 400 participants. Below you will find hyperlinks to each speaker®s presentation

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  • "Exploiting a New Resource: Biofuels from Fish Farming Processing Waste" - Dr Iain Cloughley
  • ®25x®25 ® America®s Energy Future® - Read Smith
  • Panel - Renewable Fuels Status Reports
  • Panel - Advancing the Science of Bioenergy
  • Panel ® Business of Bioenergy
    • ®Florida Agriculture ® Part of the Climate Change Solution® - George Bolton
    • ®Community Based Projects; Conception to Completion® - David Kolsrud
    • "Financing Biofuel Plants and Operations" - Reggie Holt
    • ®Energy Efficiency and Alternatives - Part of the Balanced Solution® - John Masiello
  • Panel ® Biomass Resources/Feedstocks in Florida
    • ®Current and potential uses of forest biomass for energy in Florida® - Dr. Marian Marinescu
    • ®Commercial-Scale Generation of Renewable Electricity from an Energy Farm in Florida using E-Grass, a Dedicated Cellulosic Crop® ® James M. Wimberly
    • ®Cultivation of Jatropha curcas for Biodiesel Oil® - Dave Jarrett
    • "PetroAlgae" - Fred Tennant
  • Panel - Renewable Energy Technology Grants Program
    • ®Assessment and Development of Pretreatment for Sugarcane Bagasse to Commercialize Cellulosic Ethanol Technology® - Dr. George P. Philippidis
    • ®Commercial Ethanol Production from Biomass® ® Craig Evans
    • ®Fuel Ethanol Production from Citrus Waste Biomass® - David Stewart
    • ®Mulberry Ethanol Project® - Alan Banks