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2009 Farm to Fuel® Summit

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On July 29th through 31st, The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services held the ?Farm to Fuel® Summit? in Orlando at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. The agenda for the 2009 Farm to Fuel® Summit can be viewed at the following link: Agenda (PDF 1.7 MB).

Registered Participants

A current list of Summit registrants is available through the following links. The lists are sorted by registrants names (PDF 111kb) or by the registrants company/organization (PDF 111kb).

2009 Farm to Fuel® Summit Presentations

The presentations from the 2009 Farm to Fuel® Summit are in PDF format and may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

USDA Rural Development - Dallas Tonsager - Keynote Speaker (PDF 306 KB)

NREL?s Biofuels R&D Portfolio and Increased Emphasis on Commercialization and Deployment - Michael A. Pacheco (PDF 5 MB)

The Biomass Wheel - A Major Force in Powering the Future of the World - Bill Holmberg (PDF 1.9 MB)

Panel Discussion - Sustainability of a Farm to Fuel Future

Southern Bioenergy Roadmapwith Some Implications for Florida - Tim White (PDF 855 KB)

A Sustainable Water Supply for South Florida: Planning for the Future - Carol Ann Wehle (PDF 1.25 MB)

90-Billion Gallon Biofuel Deployment Study - Britta K. Gross (PDF 2.10 MB)

Biofuels Done Right - Pierre Bull (PDF 80 KB)

Farm to Fuel Champion Speaker, BP Biofuels A Growing Alternative- Sue Ellerbusch (PDF 272 KB)

Panel Discussion - Biomass Feedstocks: Growing our Energy Future

Wood and Wood Residues; Feedstock for Bioenergy - Dick Carmical (PDF 2.23 MB)

Biotechnology in Purpose-Grown Trees to Make Bioenergy Production Feasible - Mike Cunningham (PDF 2.55 MB)

The Development and Commercialization of Dedicated Energy Crops for Biofuels and Power - Walter Nelson

The Future of Biofuels: A Second Green Revolution - Harold Gubnitsky (PDF 720 KB)

Panel Discussion - Funding Opportunities for Renewable Energy Projects

Banks and Alternative Energy - Crisis and Opportunity - Tyler J. Krutzfeldt (PDF 2.20 MB)

Perspectives for Ethanol in Brazil - Daniel Costa (PDF 960 KB)

State Government Assistance - Jeremy Susac (PDF 115 KB)

Federal Government Assistance - Keith Gray (PDF 100 KB)

Panel Discussion - Biofuels Production

Algae 2020: Advanced Biofuels Markets and Commercialization Outlook - Will Thurmond (PDF 31 MB)

Development of Cellulosic Ethanol Technology Using Florida Sugarcane Bagasse - Stephen Clarke, Ph.D. (PDF 491 KB)

Trials and Tribulations of Developing a Sweet Sorghum to Ethanol Biorefinery - Aaron Pepper (PDF 2 MB)

INEOS BioEnergy Process: A Clean, Sustainable Technology for Energy Independence - Mark Niederschulte (PDF 2.45 MB)

Panel Discussion - Environmental and Land Use Permits Needed for Bioenergy Projects

Procedures for Biomass Planting Applications and Permits in Florida - Dr. Jason Byrd (PDF 1.58 MB)

Facility Characteristics-Infrastructure and Resource Needs, and Local Government Regulatory Considerations - Richard Zwolak (PDF 28 MB)

Wetlands (Corps/ERP) and Stormwater Permitting, and NEPA Requirements - Daniel R. Grenier (PDF 28 MB)

Consumptive Water Use and NPDES Wastewater Discharge Permitting - Stephanie L. Fidler (PDF 28 MB)

Air Quality Permitting and Reporting, Solid Waste and Tank Requirements, and Consolidated Permitting Programs - Angela Morrison Uhland(PDF 28 MB)

Panel Discussion - Bioenergy and Biobased Material Production

Next Generation Biorefineries: Biobased Chemicals and Fuels - Sam McConnell (PDF 1.85 MB)

Electricity Production from Farm Waste and Biomass - Joe Hall (PDF 4.85 MB)

Ocala Equine Energy, LLC - Converting Animal Waste to Renewable Electric Power: A Public/Private Partnership Solution to an Industry/Enviromental Problem - William Baker (PDF 2.6 MB)

Developing Biomass Power in the Southeast - Albert Morales (PDF 2.18 MB)

Panel Discussion - Logistics of a Bioenergy Production System

Biomass Inventory Mapping and Analysis Tool (BIMAT) - Lawrence Townley-Smith (PDF 732 KB)

Commercialization of Second-Generation Biofuels: An Independent Engineer?s View - Mark Warner (PDF 957 KB)

Starch and Cellulose Comparisons - Don Borgman (PDF 515 KB)

Uniform-Format Solid Feedstock Supply System - J. Richard Hess (PDF 2.38 MB)

Panel Discussion - Agriculture and Forestry in a Reduced Carbon Economy

Collaborative Uncovers Low-Carbon Opportunity - Jeffrey C. Frost (PDF 1.43 MB)

Using Agriculture and Natural Resource Management to Mitigate Atmospheric CO2 - Dr. Timothy A. Martin (PDF 1.12 MB)

Lessons Learned from Participation in Carbon Markets - David Miller (PDF 1.37 MB)

Sunshine State Carbon Offsets - Nat Mundy (PDF 1.65 MB)